Across The Universe

Training was a trip!

What you have been doing for the last year

Upon being accepted into the SEDUG program, you were transported from your home to training facilities orbiting Niact. For some of you and many of your training companions, the transport to Niact was your first one, and certainly the farthest you have ever travelled.

Training began with assessments of your knowledge and skills. Each student is provided a specialized course of training to establish consistent survival and social skills throughout the fleet. At this point you have all been educated in:

basic ship repair and maintenance
Operation of SEDUG support robots
Operation of Standard SEDUG system control.
Protocols for Interaction with ship AIs, known cultures, and unknown cultures
Empathic social skills
Ethical reasoning
Reading of at least two written languages
Bio requirements of SEDUG species and basic cooking.
Foraging and harvesting skills.
Medical care of SEDUG species.

You were all tested for aptitude and potential behavioral outcomes, and have been assigned ships. Your skills indicated resilience, self-reliance, inquisitiveness, all in line with deep space, potentially uncharted and uncontacted explorations.

Your ship is the [[The Steadfast Commate. | Steadfast Commate.]] You have not yet met your observer, though rumors are it is a UEF species member. You know you will have five other crew in addition to the observer. You have only met two of your crewmates at this point, Arsenalt We and Sathyai Sunstory.


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