Arsenalt We

Arsenalt is a Human buereaucrat in service of the UEF. He was born on Sphere Prime to diplomatic parents.


Arsenalt We is a Human whose parents have moved him from planet to planet his entire life. His family originally came from Joy, however they began their diplomatic service prior to his birth. He was born on Sphere Prime in the HUWA diplomatic community. He grew up for half his youth on Sphere Prime and both he and his younger sister have Uhm mentors who keep in regular contact with them.

Arsenalt finished his youth on Viria Two where he learned some level of Krrkt language/posture. He enrolled in the SEDUG program as soon as he was able, and was quickly accepted.

Arsenalt is friendly, skilled with languages, a jovial communicator and excellent listener. He enjoys physical fitness and environment decoration as hobbies. His family is in frequent contact with him via a instant communication tool they have purchased for him on Viria Two.


Arsenalt We

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