Tag: Locations


  • Great Planetary Rosette Project

    Begun 500,000 years ago, 180,000 years in development. At completion the five rosettes populated by [[Oolob | Oolob]] (green) [[Phrenik | Phrenik]] (blue) [[Arvit | Arvit]] (yellow) Reekee (pink) unpopulated (orange).

  • Niact

    A gas giant with extensive mining efforts, space stations, space colonies and a shipworks. Niact is a supermassive giant, with a supermassive star. There are 3 highly habitable moons, 4 semi-habitable moons and 10 non-habitable moons orbiting the …

  • OooLoor

    Gas giant home to a number of moon bases, space stations, and three flotilla. The main [[Phrenik | Phrenik]] Space Corp base is located within Oooloor.

  • Sphere One

    Home of humans from Sagan Institute fleet. Sphere One serves as a diplomatic headquarters for the Human United Worlds, with a large contingent of [[GISA | GISA]] and [[UEF | UEF]] diplomats, and training center for the[[JUVV | JUVV]].