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  • Allup

    Home planet for [[ABU | ABU]] developed by [[UEF | UEF]].

  • Great Planetary Rosette Project

    Begun 500,000 years ago, 180,000 years in development. At completion the five rosettes populated by [[Oolob | Oolob]] (green) [[Phrenik | Phrenik]] (blue) [[Arvit | Arvit]] (yellow) Reekee (pink) unpopulated (orange).

  • Churr

    Home world of Tireet. 65% water, largely forested world.

  • Earthe

    Large planet, 60% water. Colonized by [[Humans | humans]] 420,000 years ago.

  • Drittt

    Home planet and breeding central of [[Eerreelli | Eerreelli]].

  • Sphere Prime

    Dyson sphere created by [[Uhms | Uhms]] as a homeworld. Large Sphere located in dark matter heavy dwarf galaxy.

  • Niact

    A gas giant with extensive mining efforts, space stations, space colonies and a shipworks. Niact is a supermassive giant, with a supermassive star. There are 3 highly habitable moons, 4 semi-habitable moons and 10 non-habitable moons orbiting the …

  • OooLoor

    Gas giant home to a number of moon bases, space stations, and three flotilla. The main [[Phrenik | Phrenik]] Space Corp base is located within Oooloor.

  • Madra

    Human planet with unusual species development, only 5% of natural births or physically developed children carry Y chromosome.

  • Sphere One

    Home of humans from Sagan Institute fleet. Sphere One serves as a diplomatic headquarters for the Human United Worlds, with a large contingent of [[GISA | GISA]] and [[UEF | UEF]] diplomats, and training center for the[[JUVV | JUVV]].

  • Sphere Two - Gaia

    Humans of the Ecumenical Reasonist Council. Much of the Sphere includes recreations of former human locations. Extensive institutions of higher learning for multiple species also are located on Gaia. The humans of Gaia are sociologists, scientists, …

  • Sphere Three - Shambala

    Humans from Madra. 90% of humans on sphere are female. Currently hosting genetics experimentation on large scale for GISA member species.

  • Sphere Four - Sagan One

    Sagan One is a largely space-faring and space travel society. The sphere itself travels at a high rate of speed, developing new technology in gravity buffering and control. Their fleet and observation buoys are quickly becoming popular among many species …

  • Hrhumm

    Colony world of Arvit. 65% water, dessert, mountain, forests

  • Tirrill planet

    Home planet to Tirrill species. Location not widely known. Numerous non-lethal defenses protect approach.

  • Viria Two

    Home plant of Krrkt. Solar system shaped and planet developed by Krrkt following massive planet damage of original home planet.

  • Sphere Five - Scheller

    [[File:593104 | class=media-item-align-center | e215ebe6c891ae99f5f25a20c0a2b166.jpg]]Scheller is a largely water and island world shared by [[Humans | Humans]] and members of the [[Cetation Council | Cetation Council]]. It is a large joint venture in …

  • Sphere Six

    Very advanced human society. Engages in research and supports many Uhm projects. Outsources repair of older high tech.

  • Sphere Seven (Kaku)

    Extremely successful human society with many diplomatic treaties with GISA and nonGISA species. Very successful with tourism, cultural exchange and transport.

  • Joy

    On Joy social groups are very small, yet each social group interconnects with the global neural net and within their communities. Family structures are genetic parents of one female and two to three males. There is a slight tendency toward matriarchy in …