A little bit about the universe you know

Space travel.

Space distances are still huge. Though travel at sub-light speeds has improved greatly, with gravity-buffering to assist crew and contents from the stress of high-speed travel. Instant travel is difficult and costly for larger items, complex items, and living matter. Instant travel over great distances also increases costs of energy and complexity of calculation. Many species have relatively long life-spans, as well as employ forms of suspended animation when engaging in extended travel.

There are numerous space stations and orbiting flotilla near mid tech level solar systems, Prime planets and along inter-species travel routes.

Instant Communication

The technology that allows instant communication is not entirely understood by many species that employ it. However the tools are common throughout many developed planets and solar systems. Most space stations also provide instant communication services to visitors. Instant communication is used commonly in the delivery of cultural exchanges, visual, audio or printable data that entertains, educates, or otherwise provides diversion.

Virtual representation

Most mid tech level species have some sort of virtual presence. The virtual transparency agreements encourage honest dealings via virtual reality. However, some deception and graft has been know to occur through virtual communication.


Most species utilize some level of automation and robotics. True artificial intelligence is debated among some species. Robots and AI are generally treated well in most societies, including fair wages or re-compensation for labor, opportunity to leave one’s position and leisure time. Many societies offer a voice in governance to their ABU members.

Life Spans

Most denizens of the universe live for a few hundred to a few thousand years. Life span can very greatly even within a species. Many species use technological means to extend life spans as well as entering suspended animation states during space travel.

Most species that live a primarily biological life experience some sort of choice for death. Some still have an average life span wherein aging plays a part. Transcending physicality is a highly debated and contested choice for most species.

High-tech species live for an undetermined time, though on average, Krrkt end their lives at around 100,000 years, Eerreelli at around 50,000 years, Uhms at around 30,000 years. Tirrill live within their colony, so birth and death are hard to determine.

Robots and AIs are subject to the forces of time and technological advancement. With change and upgrade some live for thousands of years, while others participate in planned obsolescence and recycling.

Gender and Sexuality

Most species reproduce via some level of technology. Very few species bear live young as a rule, though individuals often retain the ability.

Sexuality is generally quite fluid as is gender in most species. Inter-species affairs are not unheard of, and many species engage in virtual relationships with all different beings across the universe.

Prejudice and Discrimination

Most species have someone to look down upon. Generally, bio-species think less of Robotic and automated species. Some subtle lawmakers have found ways to engage in racism against the ABU, lesser evolved species in general or simply a neighboring species that they are quarrelling with. For the most part, racism, speciesism, classism and techclassism are minor, however they certainly exist.

A little bit about the universe you know

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