A time line of your universe (that any kid knows from school)

13,900,000,000 years ago Universe!

12,000,000,000 years ago life on Zerat Prime first appeared.

10,000,500,000 years ago Zerat begin space travel.

7,005,000,000 years ago life on Krrkt prime first appeared.

7,000,000,000 years ago Zerat uplift Ccerinc.

6,000,000,000 years ago Zerat decide to ascend to pure energy. Last recording of their species.

5,000,000,000 years ago life on Eerreelli prime first appeared.

3,000,000,000 years ago life on Human Prime first appeared.

2,500,000 years ago Ccerinc begin space travel.

2,000,000 years ago Krrkt society first set off into space. Their advances in gravity control allow them to begin terraforming and eventually planetary manipulation.

1,800,000 Krrkt develop/uplift Kusshar.

1,750,000 Kusshar develop space travel independently.

1,570,000 years ago Eerreelli society first set off into space. Their advances in distance communication and atmospheric manipulation as well as physical evolution allow them to visit a variety of planets.

1,500,000 years ago, Krrkt made first contact with the Eerreelli Their technological exchanges enabled both species to advance dramatically.

1,450,000 years ago Krrkt and Eerreelli begin a unified exploration fleet (UEF).

1,420,000 years ago Tireet develop space travel

1,400,000 years ago Krrkt uplift Donrono.

1,300,000 years ago Donrono independently develop space flight.

1,270,000 years ago Reekee develop space travel.

1,202,000 years ago Donrono begin intergalactic war against Reekee

1,179,000 years ago Donrono begin intergalactic war against Krrkt and Eerreelli

1,132,000 years ago Donrono begin intergalactic war against Tireet.

1,125,000 years ago Krrkt home planet Viria is destroyed.

1,075,000 years ago Viria Two is completed by Krrkt.

1,021,000 years ago Arvit begin space travel.

1,000,000 Kusshar and Arvit engage in interstellar war.

987,000 years ago Zaracht begin space travel

900,000 Kusshar and Zaracht engage in interstellar war.

800,000 years ago UEF make first contact with Tirrill Tirrill share advanced technologies/fungi that allow Instant Communication, advanced technology control, advanced power storing, advanced power/matter conversion.

619,000 years ago Phrenik begin space travel, evacuation of Phrenik Prime (Terphon)

525,000 Years ago Oolob begin space travel.

500,000 years ago Great Planetary Rosette project begun by Krrkt.

490,000 years ago Terphon Two (Phrenik) settled.

485,000 Years Ago Greater Intelligent Species Alliance(GISA) established, creating Inter-Galactic Cultural and Technological exchanges. Krrkt and Eerreelli offer some advanced tech such as instant communication to less advanced species that join. Initial member species Zaracht, Kusshar, Arvit, Krrkt, Eerreelli

484,000 Phrenik join GISA

483,000 years ago Tireet begin space travel

482,000 Oolob join GISA

481,000 Reekee join GISA

480,000 the great Planetary Rosette project is completed, the five rosettes populated by Oolob (green) Phrenik (blue) Arvit (yellow) Reekee (pink) unpopulated (orange)

475,000 years ago humans begin evacuation of Human Prime.

460,000 years ago Uhm species develops from Human via design.

447,000 years ago Tireet are invaded by unregistered unknown species. These beings are wiped out in the ensuing war.

442,000 years ago AI uprising on Kusshar Prime results in cascade failure of industrial services.

420,000 years ago Humans (of Sagan Institute) colonize Eearethe. Complete setbacks on landing necessitate years of rebuilding, and loss of part of population.

400,000 Year Ago UEF make contact with Uhms as they are completing first Sphere (Primary Sphere).

395,000 Years ago Uhms join GISA.

380,000 years ago Uhms join UEF.

317,000 years ago Humans colonize Madra.

314,000 years ago Waltzing Black holes threaten Tirrill system. Disappear completely without explanation.

300,000 years ago UEF and GISA develop agreements to reduce warfare/aggression universally.

299,000 years ago Phrenik afflicted by plague. Lose 40% of population before finding cure.

298,000 years ago Uhms offer personal robots a home world. Negotiations begin for ABU.

295,000 years ago Development of planet Allup and the surrounding space structures begin.

282,000 years ago Humans of Earthe regain intersellar space flight.

281,000 years ago Zaracht face mass extinction due to inner-governance and medical crises.

267,000 years ago Human United worlds agreements established.

259,000 years ago Zaracht apply for assistance to repair species and planet.

257,000 years ago Allup project completed.

250,000 years ago ABU is developed with assistance from UEF and GISA.

229,000 years ago Zaracht rescue effort completed.

226,000 years ago Humans of Madra system struck by aggressive virus. Lose 70% of population.

221,000 years ago Interspecies physical activity congress established.

220,000 years ago First IPAC games held on Kusshar Prime.

213,000 years ago humans colonize Peace.

211,000 years ago an asteroid hits Kusshar Prime killing 80% of the species.

208,000 years ago Humans colonize Joy.

203,000 years ago Humans of Joy make contact with Ccerinc.

200,000 years ago Uhms begin human rescue project.

186,000 years ago Kusshar relief effort completed.

167,000 years ago Humans on Madra make contact with emissaries from Phrenik.

100,000 years ago Uhms begin researching the nine human sphere project.

90,000 years ago Humans colonize Pholoth.

50,000 years ago Sphere one (Sphere One) completed. (Futuristic/Diplomatic Society)

40,000 years ago Sphere two (Gaia) completed. (Historically Minded Society)

35,000 years ago Sphere three (Shambala) completed. (Largely Female Society)

30,000 years ago Sphere four (Sagan One) completed. (Space-exploring Society)

28,000 years ago Sphere five (Scheller) completed. (Largely Tropical World)

22,000 years ago Spheres six (Sphere Six) (Futuristic Society) and seven (Kaku) completed. (Diplomatic Society)

17,000 years ago Sphere eight (Yom) completed. (Agrarian Society)

14,000 years ago Sphere nine (Happiness) completed. (Hi-tech society)

10,000 years ago Support and Exploration Division of UEF/GISA alliance founded. Active space missions to chart, categorize, engage in diplomacy, assistance to lost ships, assistance to space-farers in need, observe physical phenomenon in space and on planets across the universe.

9,000 years ago GISA develops treaties protecting low tech aliens.

7,000 years ago non-lethal weapon agreements established by GISA members.

6,000 years ago the Observers were established.

5,500 years ago the Junior Universalist Volunteer Vocation was established, offering youth from GISA societies the chance to work with SEDUG. All JUVV crews work under supervision of a Direct Observer.

5,000 years ago convergence of the 9 spheres, all nine spheres moved to orbit Gas giant Oooloor.

1,000 years ago the GISA treaty of safe passage established.

A time line of your universe (that any kid knows from school)

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