Intelligent lizards, subcategories include modaarvit, Transarvit, primitive arvit. At mid tech level, 15% live on Home planet Harassil. 20% engage in space travel/space habitation, 15% have colonized planet Hrhumm, 20% have colonized Rosette Yellow, 10% live with other races. 15% live at low tech level or lower.


Most Arvit live in large family groups of adult companions. Current laws on Harassil and Hrhumm as well as the Yellow Rosette require seven biological parents for each child. Children are raised within a family structure, with their gene donors and their companions as well as the children of same. Family sizes average around 40.

Society is fairly open in regards to labor, as each family is allotted the land and resources to remain self-sufficient. Most personal labor and careers include technocraft, various sciences, space-travel, arts, diplomatic exchange, bureaucratic service. Currency is not used, citizens are instantly credited for sales/purchase exchanges between businesses, and point to point commerce is often barter. Citizens are credited for labor they contribute to society. Some Arvit invest in currencies from other species, as a necessity of space travel. Credit in resources are also gained while in any service to GISA or its affiliated agencies, which makes for easier survival on an intergalactic front.

Education among the Arvit is considered to be some of the most well-rounded in the universe, with young Arvit having access to inter-stellar tutors and dedicated arts conservatories. Young are encouraged to engage in “schooling and play” with many programs that provide students with sociological outreach studies. Adulthood is entered into following a series of “acts of service” that include cultural outreach, social services, bureaucratic service, artistic contributions, and space-travel services.

Arvit adults enjoy a high level of comfort, with most physical needs met, a well-rounded population, stimulating careers and rich resources. Travel across the universe is common for active career minded Arvit, as most performers, scientists and of course space-explorers are valued in many cultures.

Arvit ethics are largely consistent with universal standards. Non-lethal policing, rehabilitation for crimes, minimal waste, moderate consumption, individual autonomy, social responsibility. They have social mores that are changing, coming from a tribal culture similar to humans and Phrenik.

Diplomatic relations are good with the Zaracht and the Kusshar. They maintain frequent cultural exchange throughout the universe, and in a number of galaxies Arvit performers, particularly musicians are popular. Arvit and humans have friendly diplomatic relations. They are well represented in many interstellar fleets and at institutions of higher education across the universe.

Arvit on some colony planets still live at lower tech levels, including primitive Arvit. These cultures are given some level of protection by Modaarvit.

Arvit have been in space for an extended period of time. Some families have been in space for millenia. There are many who have high levels of cyber and other forms of directed upgrade to their personal forms. Many have evolved lower density bone mass, and even some radiation adaptations.


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