square_thumb_image_1_.jpgIntelligent Crystalline Biomorphs. Uplifted by Zerat. Tech levels vary greatly based on location and age. At high tech level 10% of the population lives on Ccerinc Prime. At mid tech level 25% of the population lives at Ccerinc Second, 10% in space, 5% on other planets across the universe. At low tech level 15% live in space, 35% on other planets.

Ccerinc had been resource collectors for many millenia. A parasitic viral infection was passed purposefully and directly throughout the species on Ccerinc Prime, Second and Space relays One and Two. Casualties were very high. Ccerinc were given assistance by UEF in exchange for limitations placed on their harvesting of raw materials. Ccerinc now live at a state of homeostasis plus 20% on all major habitations. Excess production is largely made from recycled resources, which Ccerinc have begun assisting other species in advanced recycling processes.

Ccerinc arts and technologies are often interlinked. A Ccerinc tool is inevitably attractive to the eye, musical to the ear, and emits pleasant odors. Odor design is a huge Ccerinc industry as in atmospheric design, both for enclosed and planetary environments.

Ccerinc culture is very peaceful. Their cities are clean and well organized, their harvesting and production efforts efficient and clean. They have many festivals and social observances that are observed by Ccerinc across the universe.


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