MId tech level overview

Species of the mid tech tier have also for the most part entered into agreements between governments and species ( GISA, Cetation Council). They engage in trade, cultural and technological for the most part, as most raw materials are easily obtainable or manufacturable via modatech.

Species of the middle tech tier have access to some amount of the same technologies as top tier at limited range, power and scale. Many have engaged in trade, cultural or otherwise to gain access to top tier technologies.

Health and physical comforts are largely available in most mid tech level societies. Cultures can vary widely, however most beings living in mid tech level are exposed to culture from other societies across the universe. Most species have some level of telecommunication on a personal, local, planetary, and in some cases universal scale. Space travel is common, and leaving one’s planet of origin is not unusual, even if only for vacation.

Most mid tech level societies invest great effort and resources into entertainment and recreation. Interstellar trade is largely focused on exotic foodstuffs, textiles, art works, technocraft, live performance and cultural exchange. Inter-species cultural exchange is a large aspect of all arts and sciences.

Most mid tech level societies engage in some level of joint agreement bureaucracy, with individual responsibility and group ownership of all resources. The level of materialism of each society certainly varies. Inter-species relations are often friendly and frequent.

Most mid tech level societies study religion only from a sociological or historical standpoint. Philosophy and ethics are often discussed throughout many societies, as well as comparative philosophies between cultures.

MId tech level overview

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