The Steadfast Commate

The Steadfast Commate is a Medium sized exploration and relief vessel. It has been in service for 33 standard years and returned from it’s last voyage 6 months ago.

The vessel has 11 deck levels, with the ability to contain and tow mass three times it’s size. Crew are stationed on the top levels, with the observer at the highest, the standard crew and the second level and the robot/ai deck at the third level.

Decks 4-6 are labs, medical bay, large meeting space, small group space, physical fitness bay,

Decks 7-8 are water, food production, and resource storage.

Decks 9-11 are engines and energy processing.

The bridge is an extra space toward the front of the ship connected to decks 6-9.

The Steadfast Commate

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