christian-hecker-fmttm-std.jpgThe universe is huge, bright and full of exciting things to see, people to meet, places to go and jobs to be done! The convergence of the Spheres is happening this year at Gas giant Niact. Every eye is turned to see what great things will come of the new treaties.

Humans are the popular species of the day, with many human outposts at random places across the universe. Space exploration is a large focus of many Human societies, and diplomatic engagement is the current trend.

As the convergence happens, a new SEDUG fleet is being established. Citizens, young and old from across the universe are entering into the fleet. Among the newly commissioned ships is The Steadfast Commate – your ship.

A timeline of your universe as any schoolchild knows, and other background information including a breakdown of life at the three main tech levels.

Exploration updates from probes/scans/etc.

Across The Universe

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