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  • Training was a trip!

    Upon being accepted into the SEDUG program, you were transported from your home to training facilities orbiting Niact. For some of you and many of your training companions, the transport to[[Niact | Niact]] was your first one, and certainly the farthest …

  • Cruising into the past

    The planet you are targeting has a lower tech level. By scanning their audio visual transmissions, it seems they have: a number of nation states, a high level of capitalism and trade, no communication with other planets Impending …

  • Junior Observer

    Junior Observers are designated representatives of SEDUG or the JUVV. They enter into service agreements for no less than 6 years.

  • UEF

    Unified Exploration Fleet. Four species are officially involved in the UEF. [[Krrkt | Krrkt]], [[Eerreelli | Eerreelli,]] [[Tirrill | Tirrill]] and [[Uhms | Uhms]]. The main thrust of their agreements include policing their individual species members in …

  • GISA

    Greater Intelligent Species Alliance. Began as a way of recording and connecting societies across the universe. As species displayed specific qualifications of member societies, they are contacted and offered membership, provided they agree to established …


    Support and Exploration Division of a joint effort between [[UEF | UEF]] and [[GISA | GISA]]. A space fleet supporting the exploration and relief efforts of GISA. The largest spaceports supporting SEDUG are at gas giant Niact, Viria Two and Firipit.

  • JUVV

    Junior Universalist Volunteer Vocation: A youth corp for [[SEDUG | SEDUG]] specializing in exploration.

  • ABU

    Artificial Being's Union: Robots, Cyborgs and AI's make up the primary members of this race/species. The large number of intelligent artificial beings across the universe caused the ABU to come into establishment. The ABU has a central assistance and …

  • Zerat

    Extinct (?) Unknown species that uplifted [[Ccerinc | Ccerinc]]. Very little artifacts or evidence of their existence remains.

  • The Steadfast Commate

    The Steadfast Commate is a Medium sized exploration and relief vessel. It has been in service for 33 standard years and returned from it's last voyage 6 months ago. The vessel has 11 deck levels, with the ability to contain and tow mass three times it …

  • IPAC

    The Interspecies Physical Activity Congress is an interspecies, interstellar organization that encourages and supports a number of sport organizations. Many sports have come and gone since the organization was started, however the member species …