On Joy social groups are very small, yet each social group interconnects with the global neural net and within their communities. Family structures are genetic parents of one female and two to three males. There is a slight tendency toward matriarchy in the social behaviors. Breeding is regarded as a needed behavior, and volunteers to engage in population efforts are welcomed, however only 1 in 10 people choose to do so. Families are large, with each father siring 4-5 children. Most children are grown in an artificial womb in the home, however some individuals engage in physical reproduction. Children are raised by their parents, educated in groups with their age cohort

Humans of Joy are heavy tech users, with clever or smart robots. Full AIs are granted voting and property rights, and have interfaced well into the general populace. The global neural net is a constant source of interaction and knowledge for all citizens, with only 1 in 100,000 refusing interface. Most folks have only minimal cyber improvements with most physical improvements accomplished through breeding efforts.

Joy’s main source of interstellar trade is finely crafted simple tools, clothing, fabrics, decorative arts, woods, metals and crystals. The secondary source of trade is in entertainment, primarily different types of media that share stories, followed by athletics.

Joy’s citizens enjoy excellent resource and social well-being management as well as higher end levels of medical tech and gene manipulation. Their interaction with the Ccerinc have helped their advancement as a respected species in their part of the Galaxy as well as interaction with other species across the universe.


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